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Monthly Program Schedule

Our membership reflects a diverse group featuring white and blue-collar business people and employees alike. To help educate your new sales force, each member has the opportunity, on a rotating basis, to provide information at the weekly meeting. At each meeting, we have a featured speakers (from the membership), a show boater (display tables) and a greeter to welcome the members and guests.

The following schedule is subject to change by the Program Director.

Date Greeter Show Boater Speaker
Sep 25 Gerry Cockrill Andrew Ambro Dan Weymouth, DC
Oct 2 Gary Fong, DDS Gerry Cockrill Andrew Ambro
Oct 9 Jeff McGary Gary Fong, DDS Gerry Cockrill
Oct 16 David Wilhite Jeff McGary Gary Fong, DDS
Oct 23 Paul Groff David Wilhite Jeff McGary
Oct 30 Kamil Targosz Paul Groff David Wilhite
Nov 6 Robert Jones Kamil Targosz Paul Groff
Nov 13 David Gehrke Robert Jones Kamil Targosz
Nov 20 Jeff Thompson David Gehrke Robert Jones
Nov 27 Thanksgiving Holiday - No Meeting
Dec 4 Marie Lehn Jeff Thompson David Gehrke
Dec 11 Paul Groff Marie Lehn Jeff Thompson
Dec 18 Nancy Lauridsen Paul Groff Marie Lehn
Dec 25 Christmas Holiday - No Meeting
Jan 1 New Years - No Meeting
Jan 8 Alex Pulos Nancy Lauridsen Paul Groff
Jan 15 Ruth Rymer Alex Pulos Nancy Lauridsen
Jan 22 Michael Muniz Ruth Rymer Alex Pulos
Jan 29 Karen Ellison Michael Muniz Ruth Rymer

Members should make every effort to replace themselves if they are not able to make a meeting they are scheduled for on the program.

For any Changes or Substitutions, contact the Program Director, Sean Finney (510) 209-7786 or President Paul Groff (510) 915-1372 at least 48 hours before your Scheduled responsibility.  Failing to meet your scheduled responsibility or being late for it is a $10 fine.

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