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Frequently Asked Questions

Start Time:
Meetings start at7:01 a.m. every Thursday.
Stop Time:
Meetings end at 8:31 a.m.
Please contact our new member chair to obtain the current dues schedule.
A potential lead to a business transaction between two members or between a member and a non-member. Examples.
Confirmed Sale:
A completed business transaction.
Target Tipper:
A member who is targeted for tips for two weeks after speaking.
Fiver Day:
If a member brings a guest they receive $5.00, if not they pay $5.00.
Lucky Devil:
The President hides a business card of a member at one of the seats before the meeting starts. The Lucky Devil who finds the card will give a short commercial for that member the following week.
Invitation Letters:
Ten prospective member letters are required by each new member.
Poker Folder:
The Poker folder is rotated among the eligible membership and whoever is holding it, has two weeks to bring a guest to the meeting. If they bring a guest they get $10.00, if not they pay $10.00.
Lunch Bunch:
All of the members business cards are dropped into the tip bucket. Four of the cards are drawn and those members treat a newly inducted member to lunch as a way of welcome and to get to know the new member and their business.
A member demonstrates or shows their product or service using a trade show type silent display. The member is available before and after the meeting to answer questions.
A member greets all guest and fellow members as they arrive at meeting.
Unknown Greeter:
A person is chosen to be Unknown Greeter to ensure that everyone greets one another. A $1.00 fine is paid by any member who does not shake the Unknown Greeters hand before the start of the meeting.
Business Mixers or Cocktail Parties and Holiday Socials held throughout the year, typically once a quarter.
Different colored badges are presented to members as recognition for sponsoring additional members into the LeTip organization. The color of the badges are: White Badge: New Member, Green Badge: One member sponsored, Blue Badge: Three members sponsored, Silver Badge: Ten members sponsored, Gold Badge: Twenty-five members sponsored.
Gifts are given by LeTip to members who have received a different colored badge. The gifts are: Blue Badge: LeTip Key Chain or Money Clip. Silver Badge: LeTip Desk Set. Gold Badge: 24 Karat Gold LeTip Pin.
Membership Drives:
Members pass out promotional flyers, handouts and breakfast cards. They also bring new business professionals to the breakfast meeting as prospective members.
If member or alternate miss two consecutive unexcused meetings they are subject to forfeiture of their membership. If you cannot attend the meeting, the President or Vice President must be notified the evening before the meeting. Warnings: A letter will be sent to any member who has not paid their breakfast dues, or who have two consecutive unexcused absences, or who have failed to give four tips per month. Lack of attendance or participation are grounds for termination and will be evaluated each quarter by the Board.
No membership badge: $1. No lapel pin: $1. No guest: $1 Not shaking Unknown Greeters hand: $1. No target tip or tip: $1.00. Tardiness or unexcused absence: $1.00. Late / No Show for Showboater or Greeter: $10.00. No show for Speaker: $10.00. No show for socials: $10.00. Delinquent breakfast dues: $10.00 per week. No Recruiting Letters: $10.00 per week.

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